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Modern Bookcase Cabinets Shelfs Boys Girls Child Youth Bedroom Gloss Eden 1

Modern Bookcase Cabinets Shelfs Boys Girls Child Youth Bedroom Gloss Eden 1

Modern Bookcase Cabinets Shelfs Boys Girls Child Youth Bedroom Gloss Eden 1
We accept all ways of payments. We have a assembly service. DIMENSIONS OF BOOKCASE : HEIGHT: 190 cm [approx 6.23 ft] WIDTH: 85 cm [approx 2.78 ft] DEPTH: 55 cm [approx 1.80 ft] FRONTS OF DRAWERS AND CABINETS MADE OF MDF BOARD, ARE AVAILABLE IN FOLLOWING COLOURS: - white gloss - black gloss - grey gloss - purple gloss - pink gloss - blue gloss - turquise gloss BODY OF THE BOOKCASE MADE OF CHIPBOARD: WHITE MATTE The entire bed is manufactured using eco-friendly materials and paints sale for health. YOU NEED A ASSEMBLY SERVICE? WE HAVE A ASSEMBLY SERVICE!

Everything depends on the production itself and the components which have already been produced. We issue a VAT invoice for each product. For most orders, we do not take advance payments and a deposit. The deposit paid is not refundable after one week of placing the order.

The condition of order realization is the customer providing data allowing verification of the customer and the recipient of the goods. The range of deliveries is divided into seven available zones marked with colours. Others postcodes are not supported by us. Due to many enquiries, FURNITURE JUST4U LIMITED recommends first telephone contact. The product may slightly differ from the one shown in the illustration.

Type, size and individual screen settings can cause that the colour presented on the visualization will not be slightly different from reality. The customer has the right to cancel his order without giving a reason.

If you cancel your order after receiving the goods, the customer is responsible for the storage and not using the furniture until the return. During the return, the customer is obliged to deliver the furniture to the company's warehouse on their own and at their own expense. The furniture should be delivered to the company's warehouse, which is given in the general information in point "1.6". After delivering the furniture to the company's warehouse, they will be checked by the company's employee to check their condition and the number of items that should be in the manual.

In case the delivered furniture will be in a damaged condition or missing any elements, the return of the furniture will not be accepted. FURNITURE JUST4U LIMITED reserves the right to cancel the order if the customer raises doubts or is suspected to work against the company. To reduce costs to a minimum, the complaint does not include replacement of the whole item. Replacement covers only the damaged or missing part.

A detailed description of the damaged parts will allow us to speed up the time of the complaint. Furniture that does not fit in the entrance to the house or on the stairs because of the size (hard furniture is delivered in packs, upholstery in large dimensions) are not subject to complain or return. All information regarding the size of packages can be obtained in the customer service department.

FURNITURE JUST4U LIMITED is not liable for damages resulting from the use of other transport or assembly companies than FURNITURE JUST4U LIMITED. Any damage caused during transport cannot be the subject of a complaint.

The condition for accepting the complaint is sending the information we require as described in item "6.4". If the client does not adjust to the point "6.4", the complaint is not accepted. Items damaged by customer's fault are not subject to complaint.

We are not responsible for misinterpretations of reading assembly instructions. The customer is obliged to sign a copy of the VAT invoice and the acceptance protocol (if any) received. Drivers are required to bring furniture only through the doorstep threshold in the houses and on the ground floor of the staircase in the case of blocks. Bringing furniture to other places than described in point "4.4" will be charged. The prices are individual depending on the floor and difficulties with bringing in.

On England and Wales area.

Modern Bookcase Cabinets Shelfs Boys Girls Child Youth Bedroom Gloss Eden 1